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  • How to make my coaster mockup full bleed.

    A buyer of this mockup on GraphicRiver asked about how to make my coaster mockup full bleed. Here is a quick video that explains the steps.

  • Michael Paul Smith – Diecast Scale Photography

    I was recently lucky enough to chance upon a flickr page of artist and photographer, Michael Paul Smith. His photographs of  diecast realism are pure magic and he is happy to let you peek behind the curtain.

  • Illustrator Tutorial – Organic vector fill patterns

    Well, it has been a really crappy month for me, but I am happy to be stepping back in with the following screen cast. Here is a really useful illustrator tutorial on how to create vector fill patterns inside of objects and text. Although the final result is vector, I use Photoshop’s seldom applied “bitmap” mode…

  • Vintage Swedish “Popular Mechanics” Magazines

    Sitting in a lounge and enjoying an overpriced beer in a very sleepy Arlanda Airport Terminal 2.

  • – about

    Just finished up working on my advertising blitz on You can have the immense pleasure of reading more about me, my business, and my creative philosophy on my business brief. Or bask in the glow of my advertising banner which is currently up on their site.  

  • WordPress From Local to Live

    Moving your WordPress site from local to live can be a tricky proposition. With all of the outdated or incomplete tutorials out there about moving your wordpress site from local to live, I decided to put together the sources that worked for me. I will explain to you what is needed to set up your…

  • Max – WIP Portrait

    Max Portrait WIP (work in progress) I started on a portrait of my step-son Max, to be a companion to the Zoe portrait I completed a few months ago.   It only makes sense that I should create one for the both of them. Wouldn’t be very Swedish of me to leave one out now,…

  • No Interest in Pinterest

    I know I can’t be the only one out there that still just has no interest in Pinterest as a social networking tool. Along with all of the other social tamagotchi that one must feed in order to maintain a professional web presence, do we really need one more? I just want to do my work.

  • Wow…this is a must watch!

    Great behind the scenes vid about a disciplined craft. I admire this man’s talent and, I gotta say, very envious of the peace it must bring.