Vintage Swedish “Popular Mechanics” Magazines

Sitting in a lounge and enjoying an overpriced beer in a very sleepy Arlanda Airport Terminal 2.

Listening to a real nice Emmylou Harris record in over the ambient sound system and enjoying a sunny spot under the many skylights. I am waiting a flight back home, to visit my family that I have not seen in person in over two years. So, I am pretty happy to be finally going even though I can’t afford it. Really quite amazed how quiet it is here on a Saturday afternoon.


Anyway, the bar I was having my 90 Kronor beer at had a cool little selection of these “Popular Mechanics” style magazines siiting in a rack next to the sunny spot I chose to park it. It says up the spine that it is for “model builders and skilled people.” Popular Mechanics seemed like a reasonable American cousin.

I thought I would try my hand at making a blog post on the fly with my phone, and see how it turned out.

Fighting every urge to just put them in my bag, I figured that snapping a few pics and posting them up might be a productive use of my time while I waited to board my initial flight to London.

Here are a few select spreads in a magazine during wartime.




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