Max – WIP Portrait

Max Portrait WIP (work in progress)

I started on a portrait of my step-son Max, to be a companion to the Zoe portrait I completed a few months ago.


It only makes sense that I should create one for the both of them. Wouldn’t be very Swedish of me to leave one out now, would it. So here is the first steps.

I will also complete a full size, this face was only meant as a detail to make sure I captured the likeness. Then I will take them both into Illustrator / Photoshop, but probably both, and do a full color illustration.

I will post this project in its various stages right here with updates. So if the whole thing blows up in my face you will know exactly when it started to run off the rails.

Saturday March 30:

Completed the sketch of the rest of him that I want to use in the finished work. I had no need to include his face in the second drawing because I already had one that I liked. So I just put the two scanned drawings together in Photoshop. I can now start bringing them to the next step.








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