Zoe and the Woman in the Bath

on Aug 24

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A digital portrait of my step-daughter, Zoe


She is really quite a remarkable little girl who absolutely loves to draw.

She created a comic strip that tells the story of a woman that was enjoying a nice warm bath but suddenly got swept down the drain and out on to the street. Naked and embarrassed, the woman must hide in bushes and behind traffic signal poles to avoid ridicule. Thankfully, a superhero swoops down from the Heavens to rescue her. They end up getting married and living happily ever after.

I decided to use her drawing in the background of this piece.


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2 Responses to Zoe and the Woman in the Bath

  1. jack hughes says:

    I must say you have ALWAYS been a “super hero” in my life. Your new portfolio just oozes you talent!!

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