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Manhattan Island Marathon Swim – Team Tee Shirt Design

on Jun 12

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Manhattan Island Marathon Swim – Team Tee Shirt Design

I recently completed a tee shirt design for my brother who competed in the Manhattan Island Marathon Swim on Saturday.


I was happy to take on this project and even happier that my brother was one of 11 out of 39 swimmers that completed the 28.5 mile circumnavigation of Manhattan Island.

The concept of the design was imagining that the body was Manhattan Island and the wavy green stripes acted as a map of the course. The map wraps around the body and finishes in the front where it started.  The text indicates various points of interest and milestones along the route.

op-ocean-pacific-classic tee shirt design

Remember these?

The main inspiration for the design were the Ocean Pacific tees from the 80’s.  (I was quite fond of those when I was a helmetless, young punk jumping my piecemeal motocross bicycle over exceedingly dangerous home-made ramps.) I was also very driven on making sure that my brother’s crew shirt was nicer than the official MIMS shirt. My bro has assured me that I have succeeded.




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