Hudson Custom Fabrication

on Jun 5

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Logo designed for a stainless steel fabrication company in Atlanta.

I quickly realized the futility of entering crowd-sourced design contests and have since moved on to more meaningful projects. However, during my brief involvement in them, I was able to rack-up a pretty good submission:win ratio.  My submission for Hudson Custom Fabrication was a one of these wins.

Why a dragon, you ask?

Well, it just so happened that the client made a quick comment in the general feedback section about the possibility of including a dragon in the logos. (Apparently, the founder of the company had once made a stainless steel dragon at one point. It was kind of an unofficial mascot.) And shit, I know that once a client makes an impromptu suggestion… that is what they want, regardless of how casual the suggestion seems to be. So I gave them a dragon and took my money. I am no fool.

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2 Responses to Hudson Custom Fabrication

  1. Whitney Hudson says:

    Hi David, we have enjoyed our dragon logo since you designed it from us. We have gotten many compliments on it and our screenprinters liked it so much, they printed some extra shirts for us gratis just because they wanted to see how the logo would look on different colors. In the metal fabrication industry, logos are boring and almost certainly a play on the company initials. We’ve enjoyed having something more creative that allows us to stand apart, while still obliquely referring to the heat and fire associated with our work. Thanks again, Whitney Hudson, co-owner of Hudson Custom Fabrication.

    • David says:

      Hey Whitney!

      It’s really cool that you took the time to drop in and say hello. I am happy that you guys enjoy and have gotten good feedback on your awesome logo. As I wrote in my post, the final design was a team effort and I am very pleased that I was able to help you guys out and are still happy with it. Of course….I would not be opposed to sportin’ one of your company tees over here if you want to send one my way. (I live back in the States now.)

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