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on Mar 1

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Gotta love clients that keep coming back with new projects!



A frequent client of mine for many years, contacted me and asked if I could help him out with an upcoming project. He needed a logo designed that he could get printed up on bar coasters.  Its purpose was to commemorate a wedding and act as a kind of emblem for the occasion. He really didn’t give me too much to go on besides the requirement that it be in black and white, and have an Americana look to it. I sent him several roughs to choose from and then quickly got to this final.

It was also the inspiration to get my long awaited bar coaster mock-up project completed.




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3 Responses to G&G Inc.

  1. george says:

    I learned a long time ago that I’m much better off allowing designers to be themselves. Especially those who do work I love, and who have an appreciation and curiosity for new challenges. I give a little direction up front, do only one round of revision with minor comments, and done. It works well for me, reduces the stress of endless tweaking that most often gets you nowhere, and allows the artist to be the artist. Dave calls me a frequent client above, and that is accurate. It’s because he has the ability to deliver in spades without me feeling like I need to worry about what will be produced. This is professional design, by a professional designer. Thanks for this job, Dave. The coasters look outstanding.

  2. george says:

    Not to get all misty-eyed on you here, but they turned out as we had imagined. Thanks again, Dave.

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