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Here is some of my more recent work.

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  • Local Brands – Web Banners

    Not really a big fan of putting web banners in my portfolio but here are a few that I think turned out well enough for inclusion.   Web banners...
  • 2014 2KM Loppis Poster

    2KM Loppis – Poster I recently finished up creating the poster for the 2014 2KM Loppis. A 2 kilometer flea market that takes place every year...
  • Storybook Sound – Logo

    A logo designed for Storybook Sound that expresses the unique personality of the business locale.   Not long after I finished up the logo design...
  • Storybook Sound – Print Ad

    The folks over at The Viewing Room embarked on a name change, and I was commissioned to help them transition to Storybook Sound.   How do you...
  • meet@the local

    meet@thelocal – logo and banners I was recently commissioned by thelocal.com to design a logo for use on their new dating site,...
  • Logo – Milwaukee Protocol

      I am really quite lucky. I have several clients that are consistently testing themselves with new projects and exploring the boundaries of their...
  • Team Hughes Tee Shirt Design

    Manhattan Island Marathon Swim –...

    Manhattan Island Marathon Swim – Team Tee Shirt Design I recently completed a tee shirt design for my brother who competed in the Manhattan...
  • The Local.se – Web banner

    You gotta spend money to make money – Ad Blitz 2013     As part of my efforts to attract new clients here in Sweden, I decided to...
  • The Viewing Room

    I just completed a print ad for a New Jersey based mastering studio. The client has brought me on as their designer/creative advisor in the...
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I am committed to exceeding my client’s expectations in every way.

  • CD/DVD Packaging

    Don’t let your hard work writing and recording be left in the hands of an amateur. I am a seasoned pro with cd art

  • Flyers | Posters | Advertisment

    From straight graphic design to illustration, we can start with a blank page and create something eye-catching

  • Website Graphics

    Most visitors will decide to stay or leave a site within the first 10 seconds. Don’t let poor graphics drive away traffic

  • Portfolio Mock-ups

    A fantastic tool for displaying your work. If you do not know what one is, click here to find out

  • Editorial Design

    Magazine layouts, pamphlets or books. If it has real pages and copy I can make your words and pictures sing

  • Logos

    I focus on simple. I will deliver a mark that is quietly elegant and timeless

While working with David, we were floored with the quality of the experience. The work is already flying in,
no kidding, just from the pro website upgrade to our signage, 3 or 4 new, huge jobs this month.

Scott Anthony  ~The Viewing Room


An American no longer living in Sweden


120830_0373As a native New Yorker, I find myself no longer in the heart of Scandinavia facing every day as a challenge to be enthusiastically embraced. A new country, a new language, and a career path that is being forged and maintained in new and exciting ways. I have taken what some would view as cultural obstacles and stumbled and fought, only to find myself back in NYC.

I have one absolute philosophy: Always do good work

A BFA graduate of the School of Visual Arts in NYC, I have spent a lifetime creating everything from simple images to large public sculptures. If you have a project that you would love to show off to your friends, or want to solve a problem that will make it clear you deserve a promotion, I encourage you to contact me.






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David V. Hughes

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